Citing Electronic Sources

Click here for a basic template for electronic citations

Citing materials from electronic sources should be no different than from traditional printed sources.
Two related qualities are essential:
  • Usefulness:
  • Any bibliographic reference should provide the information your reader needs to return to the exact source that you used in your research.
  • Uniformity:
  • In order to reduce ambiguity and the possibility of error, you should follow a standard format in all your citations.  Some useful models can be found at these websites:
      Lauinger's list of Style Manuals
    provides hot-links to several sources of guides and templates for citation templates; see also the Lauinger Newsletter for May 1997
       "Electronic References & Scholarly Citations of Internet Resources."
    compilation by Anita Greenhill, Griffith University, Australia
      MLA Style Guides
    this link also gets you a wide range of MLA guidelines
    "Citing Electronic Information in History Papers"
    specifically designed for historians; provides not only templates for citations from a wide variety of sources, but also explores some of the methodological problems involved in using electronic resources