History of China II Final Examination

HIST 123-01 [check the Registrar's schedule for time and place]


1)"generate" the page numberThis examination is in four sections; Section IV has two parts.

2)Read over the whole examination carefully before picking the ques­tions to which you can give the most complete answers

3)Both this examination and your bluebooks must be turned in to receive credit, but all answers must be written in your bluebooks, not on the exam itself.

4)If there is a Teaching Assistant assigned to the course, then use two sets of bluebooks: one for the essay questions, the other for the quotation and term IDs.  (If no TA, then on to direction #5)

5)Answer in any order, but please label all answers.  Also, number your blue­books (e.g., "1 of 3," "2 of 3," etc.), as appropriate

6)Also, please fill in and return the attached grading-sheet, indicating your choices for each of the questions.

7)Remember that the time allotted for each question reflects its relative weight in the examination.

8)The usual advice about showing the significance of your facts through general statements and about backing up your generalizations with specific examples certainly applies here.

9)In arguing a particular point of view, you should also show why you reject opposing viewpoints; feel free, also, to challenge the implicit assumptions of a question, but in general, answer the question, the whole question, and nothing but the question.

10)Given the broad range of options given for the essay questions in Parts I and II, you might feel the temptation to let one area of your expertise do double-duty for both.  Resist this temptation.

11)Always bear in mind the Fairbankian caveat:  "China is a big country...."  In other words, broad generalizations may be so vague as to be useless; people in different classes, strata, or areas may have acted, felt, or responded differently at different times.

        12)Chinese names are generally given in Pinyin romanization.

I. ESSAY #1 (40 minutes) Choose one (1) of the following three:

II. ESSAY #2 (30 minutes) Choose one (1) of the following two:
  III. ESSAY #3 (20 minutes) Choose one (1) of the following two:

IV. IDENTIFICATION (30 minutes) Answer both A and B:

A. Choosing five (5) of the following eight quotations, please:









B. Choose one (1) from each of the following five groups (for a total of five) and give:

  2) 3)
  4) 5)
* * * * * * *