History of China - 13C

Student Papers

as of: 18 Sep 13


Paper title / [topic]

Aleman, Anna M.

The Evolution of Ancient China's Defensive Strategic Warfare

Biddle, Charles H.

Declining World Domination / The Treasure Fleet: Exploration of the Other

Davies, Carole-Ann


De Tilly-Blaru, Louis H.

What Caused the Shift in Thought between Confucius and Mozi?

Dempsey, Nora P.

Confucius: From Exile to Immortalization

Dong, Jia Li

Zhuge Liang: Impact on Shu Han in [the] Three Kingdoms Period

Ferry, Thomas L.

The Fantastic Female Figure of the Far East Giant [Empress Wu]

George, Mareena M.

Empress Wu and the Legitimization of a Female Emperor

Graham, Julian S.

[Kublai Khan]

Granados, Enrique J.

Language and Geopolitics: The Origins and Evolution of Ancient Chinese Society

Jamal, Sana

The Spread of Buddhism in China

Kim, Grace G.

Marriage in the Mongol Court

Lee, Jessie H.

The Duality of the Dao

Leigh, Daniel Y.

Dissemination of Chinese Culture into Korea

Mei, Lan

Gender Politics in Confucian China: the Case Study of Empress Wu Zetian

Minge, Elliot H.

Significance of Daily Matters from Oracle Bone Remnants

Mouch, Michael A.

Wu Zetian: A Struggle Against Male Dominance

Olpak, Dilara T.

Turkic People in Chinese History: A Shared Heritage and Culture

Owens, John D.

[creation of Chan Buddhism in the Song]

Panzer, Kara C.

The An Shi Disturbances and the Tang Dynasty's Decline

Pemberton, Sarah J.


Phillips, Emma M.

China's Sphere of Influence

Plaisted, Joan M.


Radin, Philippa


Rice, Charles F.


Schlenger, Andrew J.

Social Class and Wealth in Imperial China: A Multi-Dynasty Comparison

Trumbull, Mackenzie C.

Tang Poetry: What Can It Tell Us?

Tu, Mitchell S.

Cantonese China: The Southern Han

von Hoffmann, Emily Rose

China in the Global Economy

Wang, Yunchu

[power division in imperial China]

Werner, Nicholas L.

On the Ming Eunuchs and Commerce

Youness, Osman A.

The Back Door or the Front: Which was Left Open for the Mongols?